Utopia is not dead! The idea of it anyway.

It may simply be obscured by the clutter of this dystopian era. We’ve all been imagining what Utopia looks like since your parents were kids. Visions of moon landings, living in geodesic domes, flying on skateboards, printing your own food, hacking time and space, making love to robots – we’ve all thought of our versions of Utopia.

Is Utopia now dead? Do we know how to banish Dystopia?

MONUMENTA TALKS entertains and asks you if we can optimize our cities and systems. Does art play an important part? Who gets to decide?
With our guests and the audience we want to revive utopias. Seeking „monumental“ and „iconic“ ideas for a city/society of the future. We’ll examine the Intelligence-of-Many instead of the Limitation-of-the-Individual for pushing us all forward.

Artists, planners, thinkers, feelers and beer drinkers. An assorted collection of brilliant people who have explored the public space and who have some captivating stories to tell about it.

Monumenta opens. Monumenta Talks programme will take place on 1 and 2 September 2018, with lectures and podiums on topics like „Utopia is not dead“ and „Iconic City“.


Intelligence-of-many means the participation of many

When the Monumenta speakers enter the stage, they not only speak for the guests present, but for everyone interested from Leipzig to Bangkok. Its not just self-expression, we want to exchange knowledge. Our talks are streamed live, archived and made available online for everyone. Let‘s exchange knowledge, and chill the PowerPoint!

Monumenta Talks are the mouthpiece of the Intelligence-of-Many. Steven Harrington and Jaime Rojo from Brooklyn Street Art come all the way from New York, and lead through the talks and panels of Monumenta on the opening weekend. Utopians unite!


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Jaime Rojo and Steven P. Harrington

Brooklyn Street Art


Jaime Rojo and Steven P. HarringtonSteven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo are the founders of the influential art blog (BSA), with Steve serving as Editor-in-Chief and Jaime as Editor of Photography.

Proud New Yorkers, artists, and cultural contributors for more than twentv-five years, both are experts on the evolving Street Art scene in New York as well as globally, publishing work from 103 cities during the last year alone.

Passing the 10 year mark and publishing daily with Brooklyn Street Art (BSA) with more 300 articles on The Huffington Post the two are sought after to give their perspective frequently and their work has appeared in major publications like The New York Times and Juxtapoz and on the PBS Newshour and the BBC.

They have published two acclaimed books on Street Art: Brooklyn Street Art and Street Art New York both with Prestel Verlag/Random House, have written forewords, afterwards, and essays for almost 20 books by other authors. They lecture and lead conversations on stage from the Los Angeles’ LA MoCA museum to the Brooklyn Museum to Norway’s NuArt Festival to exhibitions in Dresden and Stockholm for “Magic City” and Miami’s Wynwood events. They are curators for Urban Nation (UN) in Berlin, for the 2018 Artmossphere Biennale in Moscow, and have curated solo and group shows in Los Angeles and New York totalling a couple of hundred artists since 2008.

Their writings have been translated into Spanish, Italian, French, German, Norwegian, Portuguese and Korean and the two are true communicators with a uniquely passionate interest in the participatory intelligence-of-many in the public sphere, which may explain why the two have close to half a million followers on social media platforms. With the commercial free BSA, Harrington and Rojo have opened doors and provided opportunities to thousands of new and established artists, working with influencers, artists, fans, galleries, major museums, collectors, curators, neighborhoods, academia and cultural institutions.

See Harrington and Rojo in the HBO documentary “Banksy Does New York”, and from September 1st live in Leipzig on the stage of the Monumenta.

1.9. & 2.9.2018
Pittlerwerke Leipzig